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The Jim Offerman Band formed in September 2005 when singer/pianist Jim Offerman had wrapped up the studio project "Life Baggage" and was eager to get back on stage. He teamed up with guitarist Arno Tijnagel - who was also on Life Baggage - and bass-player Bastiaan van der Kooij. The trio worked with various musicians, until drummer Tijmen Ruizendaal finally completed the group in February.

The band's name refers to how they approached creating music: Jim wrote the lyrics and melodies and then the band was given free reign to instill their creativity into the songs. With comments flowing freely and every aspect passionately discussed, each song was tweaked and twisted until it felt just right. The end result - the sound of Jim Offerman Band - is a mix of heartfelt ballads, uplifting pop and powerful rock.

In May 2006, the band spent four days in a studio to record their debut EP Another Day