Janis Philosophy


J.P is the creation of four like minded musicians all with a burning desire to create music which reflects their shared urban background but also their strong life long experiences.

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Janis Philosophy

-The music is sometimes quiet and intimate but at other times builds to massive, layered sound that breaks new ground for Janis Philosophy. The lyrics are about big subjects like life and death, love and loss, about stopping for a while and asking yourself to question certain obvious injustices in everyday life.

In the band there is a firm commitment to perfection when producing their music and a polished finish to the sound is never compromised.

From the response so far the band stands proud and feels confident that the production quality is good enough to compare with bigger bands like Cold Play, U2 etc.

They truly feel ,(as do others in the industry), that they have an amazingly strong concept, and all that they now need is to find someone that have the same strong believe in them as themselves all in order to take this to a higher level.

The band is happy to answer any questions needed and contact details can be found on: www.janisphilosophy.com