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Kentucky born and raised, J. Smith lived a different life than most R&B singers. Coming from a family of talented Bluegrass and Country singers, J. Smith ventured out at the age of 7 into the world of R&B and Hip Hop.

Limited to country radio stations, J. Smith would go to his friends house and record on tape the singers that inspired him. They were such groups as The Boys, Boys II Men, Baby Face, New Edition, etc. These inspirations helped J. Smith with his singing and songwriting skills.

By the age of 10, J. Smith started his first R&B group with two childhood friends. They recorded songs using a cassette recorder. They sang for anyone and everyone. At the age of 17 J. Smith was flying solo and signed with his first manager in Louisville Kentucky. This gave J. Smith the opportunity he needed in a studio and the ability to perform in live shows. At the end of his two year contract, J. Smith was approached by a manager from Atlanta. Along with a friend, J. Smith signed on. Se