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With his crossover HipHop,Pop and Rock style of music it is no wonder why jerzey is not your everyday artist from jersey city new jersey. Jerzey has the ability to write all types of music and is going to change the music industry by being one of the first hiphop artist to fit into a broad amount of genres of music.Daron (born: February 10, 1989) better known as his stage name ''Jerzey" is an independent recording artist breaking into the music industry with star quality and feel good music that has been known to make the people move. He was born in Plainfield NJ and Moved to jersey city NJ at age 8 with his single mother. It was in Jersey City where "Jerzey" expanded his love for music and talent for writing. Living in poverty motivated "Jerzey" to do better things in his life and he began taking college jobs at record labels such as Atlantic Records and Universal Music Group. Jerzey met and spoke to artists such as Jim Jones,Lupe Fiasco,T.I.,Musiq Soul Child,Mike Jones,Kid Rock and K