Ixion s Wheel


Vicycle Seasons - Tracklist

1. The embrace
2. Far from the Asphodels
3. Soliloquies on another black day
4. Inland Empire
5. King ov Lapithes
6. Process
7. March of the three fates
8. Ruin circle

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Ixion's Wheel project starts on December 2006. It's a french One-Man-Band set up by ThorK which reveals an experimental Black metal music. The themes of IW are focused on Mythology & cosmic universes. It deals, more precisely, with Ixion's punishment in the greek Mythology : Judged as the worst criminal of Hell, he's sentenced to a terrific curse : Breaking on the wheel for eternity. IW will try to retranscribe the atmosphere of torments felt in the Underworld and bring emotional tastes to the listeners. The first concept-album "Vicycle Seasons" is about to be released. Each song depict the discovery of the Hads' World. They're linked together so as a movie, mixed with actions, flash back, thoughts, memories... Musically speaking, IW is a mix between incisive & atmospheric riffs, clear & harsh vocals, melancoly, samples and powerful drums... "Vicycle Seasons" will be released for september 2007 : the album will have 8 songs & last 41 min.