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Ivana Marija Vidovic was born in Dubrovnik. At the age of four she started her piano studies at the Music Conservatory in Dubrovnik. Her first teacher was L. Cobenzl who was later succeeded by Vesna Miletic - Corona.
She completed her studies in 1991-1992 during the war in Croatia. She subsequently continued her studies at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with Tatjana Ognjanovich and graduated with honours in 2002.

During her student years Ivana performed frequently, giving two recitals in the U.S.A. (1990) and again with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. She also gave concerts in Ljubljana and throughout Slovenia and Italy. Despite suffering a serious car accident in 1996 she pursued her musical studies and literary interests. In 1997 she returned to the Dubrovnik stage with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and for her interpretation of the Mozart concerto in F-Major, KV 459, won the "France Preseren" award from the Academy of Ljubljana. ...View www.ivanavidovic.tk