An Awesome Melodic Power Metal Band.
Our aim is to bring a new and exiting aspect to the world of metal. Our style, although it has many influences, is entirely our own.

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Isle of avalon are a stunning new progressive metal band from cornwall.
We formed in the summer of 2005, and play 100% original material.
The band is currently gathering information on recording studios/ rates etc, and we hope to have recorded a "studio quality" demo by easter 2006.

Our influences include: Rhapsody, Iced earth, Magic kingdom, Ayreon, Judas priest, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai.

All of our music is based around very technically complicated melodies, as we feel that music is something that people should be rewarded with, and should therefore have to strive to acheive.
We do not however let this approach blind us to other musical methods/ styles.

Isle of Avalon is:
Alexander Wyld - Lead guitars
Paul Clarkson - Lead vocals
Alex Crawley - Lead guitars
Adam Hayers - Lead Bass
Rob Green - Keyed Instuments