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Inkognito is an unsigned alternative/grunge rock band from Malden, a small town in the bootheel of Missouri. The band, which was formed in 1998, has achieved regional popularity by excessive touring, radio play, internet, word of mouth, and has built a strong fan base in Missouri and surrounding states. Since 1998, Inkognito has produced several high quality demo recordings, and as a result, in 2000 the band signed a contract with one of the nation's leading talent agencies. Shortly after, the band was offered two record contracts from labels in Hollywood, CA and New York, NY. Both contracts were declined for various reasons. Dreamworks Records also expressed interest in the band at one time. With internet radio and a huge following, Inkognito's music has been in the hands of people across the world. Whether it be worldwide distributed cd's or fans spreading the word, their music has travelled the globe in one way or another. Currently the band is working with American military bases i