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I would like my music to speak for itself, as I am not going to toot my own horn, but....... according to the press....Summer issue 1992 of BMI Music World at the Crossroads Music Festival in Memphis, Ian Allen of Rhythm Method was written up as best unsigned act in the USA (That was a while ago I know, the band had a record label deal on the table with Mitch Brodie, who at the time was an A&R guy with Elektra Records and our managers Bill Gladstone and Jon Hornyak (then owner of the legendary Sun studios), but I walked away from it all for a while and am now slowly getting back and doing it on my terms). I still think corporate rock sucks! Music is not just a product! In an article in the North County Times it was written that: "Allen's subject matter is a little more threatening, a little more dangerous, and for that he needs music on the edge". It goes on to say that: "Allen wraps his political message in a pop melody and drives it home with jungle rhythms".