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It’s a pretty fair bet to say that this track is not going to make it onto many radio playlists or music TV rotations. Lyrically, it’s a problem record for sure, but when we were approached by the people behind IWF, we knew they had created something that really had to be out there and, judging by the response, we were right.

We knew the internet was the obvious medium for sharing this tune. So, embracing the ethos we made it as “open source” as is possible these days, by making the constituent parts (stems) available to download for free, and then allowing dj’s to remix, putting their mixes back on the site. We did the same for the artwork and have developed some great images, thanks to various people uploading their graphic interpretations of IWF.

Rui Da Silva and Transluzent both mixed the track and their work appears on the vinyl 12’s you are receiving now, but please go to the site and create your own mix at iwfproject.com