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i-gen were created by urban culture brand 5ivestar in June 2007. They have attracted interest from the media and public ever since.

There unique fusion of commercial chart and dark hip-hop appeals to a wide audience. Their original sound and unique musicality aims to map out new ground within the music industry.

The five piece group consisting of two guys and three girls is a fusion of aggressive rap, soaring vocals and intricute harmonies on top of a powerfull bass ridden backing track.

They have recently recorded 'Tick Tock' their debut single at Cube Recording Studios, favoured by the internationally known Appleton Sisters.

The single is being debuted at the Turn It On hip-hop festival on 15th December where i-gen will be the support act of MOBO award winning band N-Dubz.

The future for the group looks bright for the i-gen entourage who are hoping to attract national interest through a series of live PA's and a university tour during 2008.