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All across North America, the driving performance, and vast musical styles of Melissa Parker (also known as DJ Identity, or ID3NTITY as now known) has been seen and heard. Since 1998 Melissa has been spinning out. Though the beginning of her career was slow, and her performances were scarce, throughout the years, she managed to build a large fan base across the northeast, and perform in virtually every major city in the northeast, mid west, and eastern sections of Canada including provinces Quebec, and New Brunswick. Having been introduced and raised into the electronic music scene by local underground promoters in Maine, Melissa learned all aspects of the scene, from the culture itself, to the art of djing, as well as promoting. Melissa became an exceptional DJ, learning the art itself by watching only. Melissa's primary style of UK Hard House, and Hard Dance have given her compliments as one of the best female Hard Dance DJs in North America. Her driving performances are unbeatable,