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Welcome to the Howard W Hughes
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Howard is a songwriter from Wales who is based in the North West.

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Hello and thanks for visiting this site.
Its set up as an outlet for my songs.

I am constantly looking to improve the process and for singers to add their style.

I write from experience or observation for instance:

This song relates to the winter climate, which I appreciate and have enjoyed in places such as the Alps and Finland.

With the environment come the clarity of the air and the feeling of purity. However this climate can also be deadly and being stranded in it is easy and then the beauty of white turns to despair.

Climbing Kilimanjaro
This is a song about life and it’s never ending challenges. How we all come close to reaching the peak yet maybe to fall with winning just in sight.

I was inspired by colleague Mark Whitaker who decided to climb Kilimanjaro in Africa for a well know charity. His complete self belief that
he was going to achieve the climb suggested total blind faith.