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Here it first from JJ-RAMSAY, AKA UNKNOWN.

As soon as i have the money you will see another 6 fat House Hop songs that will make you bounce & dance like you have never boggied before.

All the way from New Zealand & 6months in the making with help from my favourite program Reason 3, i have manged to calaborate 6 house hop tracks which will be released one by one. These tracks are 100% original and i have combined my 8 years guitar experience and 5 years sound engineer experience to come up with some crazy sh**t!. If your loving this first track, 1 of 6 (HOUSE HOP) hola at me to load another, i have saved the best for last.

It's a new age, JJ-RAMSAY House Hop has entered the club scene. Get down with it cause i know you feelin it. Hola at me if you wanna sign or licence any track., 0064276546581

i say HOUSE HOP, you say what? I say JJ-RAMSAY, you say fu*kkkkkk!