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Started making electronic music in the early teens, after leaving a rock band.
Originally made electronic music as a drum n bass enthusiast. The first album was called 'The Void Experiment' and had much dnb input. Later became involved with the rave hard dance scene and during 2002-3 had begun making hard dance music. However over those years, have always had appreciation for trip hop/ rock/rap and world music. During the development of '1 Way 2 Many' (The album those tracks displayed belong to), had massive input from other cultured music and a various input from a range of genres. (examples would be Ariba - a recording of a spanish guitar peice called 'Caprichio Arabe'/ 'Flaming Waves' - samples of African chanting/ Headrush - indian insturments and vocaisations) During the making of the album I became interested in using inputs from breakbeat, to funk and hip hop beats with such songs as 'Hot On The Nerve/ Rendezvous and Bushwacker'. Many of the songs feature guitars because have