Hansom Pilot


Check out Hansom Pilot's video for their single 'Gotta Get Outta Here' at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1OF7RmlFJk

'Gotta Get Outta Here' is released on May 8th 2008. A launch gig will take place at the 100 Club on May 8th.

Tickets are available at: www.wegottickets.com/event/28816

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Hansom Pilot are a female-fronted pop-rock band formed in 2005 with a rapidly-growing fanbase following headline gigs throughout London and the UK. Finalists in Wharfedale’s National Adopt a Band Competition, headliners in Liverpool’s IPO Festival, and shortlisted by public vote for ITV’s Best Unsigned Band feature, they have recently been signed by Eleventh Hour Records. With a single due for release in May 2008, supported by a national tour, Hansom Pilot have been tipped as one of the next major UK bands to make its mark on the world stage.

Described in the press as ‘the first serious heir to Blondie in 20 years’, ‘hugely infectious’ and ‘cranking up a whip-smart chorus Franz Ferdinand could only dream of…insanely catchy’, the band are a five-piece comprising two girls and three boys. With a unique and action-packed sound, unforgettable melodies, and with their single ‘Gotta Get Out of Here’ backed by a major promotional campaign, Hansom Pilot are expected to be one of the most so