Grand Champs


Rap/Hip Hop Duo from the Albany New York Area. Staying true to their music!

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We formed in 2005 and both liked Hip Hop/Rap. We decided to start making our own music. In the beginning it was tough because we lacked beats and were still learning how the game goes. One year later, we built our own studio, and finished our second album entitled "The Panacea". We look forward to performing live at any venue and if the opportunity came for us to sign a record deal, we wouldn't hesitate to do so.

You can order the full album through paypal, check our myspace for more information (

Here is the track listing for The Panacea

1) Intro
2) We Back
3) Oh Baby
4) It Really Does
5) Im Here Now Ft. Kerry Reilly
6) What's Goin On?
7) Get Ya Dip On
8) So In Love
9) We Ridin'
10) Let Me Know
11) Money
12) Grand Champs
13) Do It Like Me
14) Raising Us Ft. Kerry Reilly
15) Catch 22/Remix
16) Outro