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G PRODUCTIONS was founded by me Demolition on 7 febuary 2006. I started producing when I was at school when I learnt how to use basic music production programs like e-jay, Before I got to this point I had been developing my skills on the instruments I play on my own. I've always been into music most of my life since I was a little boy. Since i was a little kid people have always questioned my abilities because being a little kid i was not meant to know much, but i knew for myself i could do what i say i could, and some people are still questioning the fact that i will be successful because im only a seventeen year old. but i have always proved them wrong by stickin and working towards my dream. Starting up G PRODUCTIONS has been a big achievement for me as I've al had a vision of starting a business of my own sice I was a little kid, and I have been working towards this vision since then.