Goodieboyz does not set out to imitate anyone. Music has been around for thousands of years so it's inevitable to be similar to someone past or present however, our goal is to put out hot quality musi

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Specializing in many genres, Goodieboyz will unleash its style and music that will transcend genres. After years of honing our craft, it's now time to push to the forefront of the industry. At Goodieboyz it's all about the music and having fun doing it. We want to keep rising to the top and push out out projects that make you dance, ask your friends "what we just said", headbang, and hooks you can't get out your head. We expect Goodieboyz to be one of the hottest rising names in 2008 with it's own brand of music and attitude. With our cast of misfits our mission in 2008 is simple... dominate. We want to be nominated for best song of the year, best new artist of the year, and help shape a new age of music. High expectations? Yes, but when the limit is not the sky with Goodieboyz the potential is unlimited. Strap on your seat belts, the ride is about to start soon....