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As a child Brian often got into trouble like any other kid growing up in Southwest side of Montgomery. But the only difference was Brian always had older friends , even when he was 10 his friends were 14 and 15. And he always tried to be with his older sister and brother so he got into things a little earlier than others. He went to jail for the first time at the tender age of 12. While other kids were just getting to stay at home by themselves he was already selling his old toys to buy new ones. But he was always a smart boy and just never could get with the whole school program. The going everyday is what really killed it. He never liked rules. Brian do what he want , when he want. He loves money , and I qoute " I think I love it more than life itself " but he explained as , you do all this shit sometimes even risking your life or your freedom for what a piece of paper? He doesn't really feel like it is anything else "MONEY". It's the root of all evil or at least in his case.