Gabana is formed in the year 2000 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria by Nixon, Viktor and Walrus.At the start of 2007 the trio has over 300 gigs behind its back.Official discography consists of 2 singles: LICKETY-S

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Gabàna is not just some strange name. Actually this is a very special emotion interwoven with the different characters which are behind it. The date is 2000-02-06: Nixon, Walrus and Viktor begin rehearsing drawn by different reasons. Despite their differences the urge for composing music of their own is one of the things that unite them so the first songs came soon. The harsh, balanced and melodic voice of Viktor as well as his sense of lyrics combined with the tender lyrically-harsh and irregular rhythms plus the aristocratic, cold and aggressive tone of Walrus are the mixture that creates the specific sound and emotion of Gabàna. The majority of rock fans often struggle to understand this music (a pile of sounds and careless clashing???); a majority of fans accustomed to listening clichés.Fighting the hard start and criticism Gabàna stood its beliefs and is onstage more than 7 years.