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Geigertek was created in the late Summer of 2006, a collaboration between German programmer/producer Conrad Geiger and musician/programmer, Neil Fellowes.
It is a studio project dedicated to the creation of electronic and computer generated music, using synthesizers, computers, sound processors and production techniques.

Conrad Geiger is the technician, the man who shapes the wheels and the cogs that turn mechanisms, the backroom boy keeping the machine well-oiled.
Neil Fellowes is the operator, the one who presses the keys and turns the dials. He is the front-line of Geigertek, the face to the name

The music of Geigertek is written, recorded and produced using a contemporary computer-based studio, located in the East Anglian city of Norwich in the United Kingdom.

Song creation may be computer based, sounds may be synthetic, but the music comes from the heart and the soul.

More tracks can be heard here: