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Both originally from New York, met in Washington DC in 1991. Fritz and the Duchess are a couple of women who have been making music happen in various genres for fifteen years.

The Duchess has been playing professionally for over forty years. A graduate of NCSA, also known as the Duchess of Drum, she's an innovative and brilliant, Composer, Jazz Drummer, Timpanist and an awesome Keyboardist.

Fritz worked as the Duchesses drum tech and road manager for fifteen years. Fritz is a singer schooled in classical setting for eleven years which makes for a strong foundational quality to her voice.

In October 2004, they produced a CD of Jazz Standards including some Porter, Waller, Gershwin and more. In February 2006 they returned to Target Studios in Elkton MD where their favorite engineer Mark Moss hooked them up with a "HOT" Rock/Latin fusion tune called Music Is Enough, c. 1994 Library of Congress, written by Fritz and arranged by the Duchess for dancers of all ages and cultures.