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Hi Music Lovers:

My name is Frank Abarca. My music is difficult to place in any one particular genre. It is written around the drums and highlights positive lyrics and messages.

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HI Music Lovers.

Thanks for visiting at my site. I hope you take a minute or two to listen to a couple of my songs. They are written with the drums as the center piece. Everything you hear, except vocals, is produced from my drums.

When I compose my pieces I try to take the rhythms from different cultures and blend them in unique and interesting ways thereby showing, through music, our "sameness." My music brings together the artistic expression from peoples all around the world.

During the Week of July 17, 2007 one of my track was voted, by the listening audience, Best Female Vocals and during the week of 31, 2007 another of my tracks was recognized as the Track of the Day, and Best Beat in World Music at I hope you find my creations engaging, and worthy of your support.



P.S. Check out my gallery. Lots of stained glass for sale. Commissioned work also available. Contact me at