Forgotten Angels


Their music is an eclectic mix of heavy, haunting guitar, kick ass bass, body - numbing drums and vocals to blow your mind.

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Forgotten Angels came about when John, Paul and Si met at the first couple of weeks in college in September 2005. Although John came from a different town , Paul and Si have had a good relationship for years and all members where previously in other rock bands. They had a chance to start up a band that they never believed they could do, and that is now Forgotten Angels. They started practising not long ago in at Catalyst studio's in the centre of St Helens, where they quickly began composing music with each other and writing together. All members quickly began a blood related friendship and to this day remain the best of friends. Forgotten Angels knew they where getting somewhere in the matter of 3 practises and have now left all the past behind them. They have started concentrating properly on the band, have and chosen mutually to leave all other bands that they were involved in. Forgotten Angels are at this present time rockin the North!