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Fading out Silence consists of two brothers, a brother and sister, and a new found friend, from Tehachapi, CA. Making it one step at a time...check us out if we're in town and say something about reading this...lol. You won't win a prize or anything like that....but it'll be cool to just chat it up with fans from all over.
Now as for the about us part. Jeremy and I could be more or less the forefathers of the band. We've been in a few others together, including Silhouettte, the precursor to Fading out Silence. We started out by putting vocals, guitar, and bass through a 3-way-input Peavey keyboard amp (which is now used by my sister), and a drum set. That was Silhouettte, and that was a while ago. Yet those humble beginnings still bring smiles to our faces; its a type of subtle understanding that dedication will get you somewhere, just like adhering to the idea of constant "perfecting," such as when a sculptor approaches a piece of marble. Peace

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