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Friends since childhood and making music since ‘98, Fab Nickel is the tight knit family consisting of five members Blezzed, B.Cliff (both Brothers and MC’s), Matter ov Fact, G.Grhymey (Brothers and MC’s as well) and E Pillz (MC/ Producer and doesn’t have a brother in the group..lol). Growing up in Orange County (845), New York, the rap scene has never been given the credit it deserved. When you mention exit 16 off the thruway, most people think of the Woodbury Commons Shopping outlets, not hip hop. Yet, there is a large hip hop scene brewing.

See, growing up as a drug kingpin on the mean streets is not easy, especially when your busting caps in everyone. That's why the Nickel has gone another route. Making synthesized beats with the generic hand clap and 808 along with the usual poppy chorus is what they have decided NOT to do either. Actually, when your favorite MC’s are Big L, AZ, NaS, Rakim, etc. it’s kind of hard to fall into the trap of making complete bullshit records. So in