Freddie Brown began his musical career playing music in central Texas and its surrounding areas, and developed songwriting and performing skills at venues at the Fort Worth Stockyards. He relocated to Los Angeles where he was a featured artist at the Palomino, the D.J. Ranch, J.R’s and on Paul Bowm

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Freddie Brown was born in Austin, Texas. He was raised up in two small central Texas towns of Lometa and Goldthwaite. Freddie's late mother Oma Cole had raised her children, Freddie, Joan, and Pat as a single parent. Freddie being the youngest and the only boy. Oma had first noticed Freddie's singing talent at The First Baptist Church in Lometa, where Freddie would sing with the choir on Sundays. Freddie would make believe an old broom was his guitar and pretend that he was Elvis Presley which Oma would get a kick out of. Oma decided to buy Freddie a Sears Truetone guitar when Freddie was thirteen. She bought the guitar from tips she had received while working as a waitress at Horn's Cafe in Lometa. Freddie tried playing the guitar, but got frustrated and put the guitar away in his closet for about six months. Freddie then met two friends who had guitars while he was attending school in Lometa. One friend was John Sanderson from Star, Texas and the other was Charles Stone from Lometa,T