Elijah Mekwunye


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My friends and I made a trip to Tower Records and picked up "Let Me Sanctify You" tonight. I must tell you, it is living up to our expectations. This disc is amazing genius.

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Elijah Mekwunye (pronounced ME-KUN-YE) is a University of California, Berkeley graduate. He majored in Cognitive Science. He got his Masters degree in Computer Science at the California State University, Hayward. He loves the art of entertaing people and has a deep respect for capable women. Please listen to his "Capable Woman" song to find out more. His music is based on real life happenings.

Press reviews:
New York Times: "Elijah Mekwunye's new CD is one of a kind in the genre of contemporary POP music. The musics are definitely great for human consumption regardless of race, age and gender. His music is definitely a universal language such that when given the needed publicity, his LP will make it to the very top ..."