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Emporia is the recording name of 27 year old artist and songwriter Stan Stanley, originally a solo entry, Emporia has evolved and developed into a four piece rock outfit via a brief spell as an acoustic duo. It currently consists of Stan on vocals and guitar, long term and collaborator Lee Traquair on 2nd guitar and new recruits Doug Willis an bass and Paul Jarret on drums. Stan and Lee have been playing together as Emporia for the best part of two years. Prior to that Stan has been involved in a number of projects, producing an album for a band called Lowlife and recording a solo single of his own. Lee has worked with numerous bands over the years and is an accomplished all round musician and guitar teacher. Doug is an extremely gifted bass player who has known Lee for years and used to be in a band with him called Known. Paul has played in all sorts of bands and with a few years of touring the world behind him is an invaluable addition to Emporia. As a band Emporia have many strings