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Taking the name Empirical, meaning guided by experience, the EMC crew are all talented artists/producers who had been working on a number of solo projects. Being a loose congregation of MC’s and producers, instead of putting out individual albums, the idea was to establish EMC as a force with the debut album “UNDERGROUND DISCIPLES, VOL. 1” and then follow-up with as many side projects as possible. Better known as Ruger, Darcsage, Ben Dillan@Large, Lunacie, Blaze 1, Rame, Bigg-H, Shade, Doe Boy da Official, PG, & Bullet Beatz, the crew creates a menacing and potent soundscape of hardcore beats while still satisfying those who want something smoother but still hard.

The promising label has an array of in-house producers and rappers so there’s never a shortage of new material. This album has it all from rugged, hard-hittin, head-knockin’ club tracks like the song “WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK” and “THUGGED OUT” to fun, playful songs like “BURNIN’ UP” and “I TOLD JUH".