The most beautiful sound of Winter Night unleashed, anyone going past the recording sessions during the one-year has been able to experience how a sound like this grows and take shape

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Dear Einers!!!

To cut a short story even shorter, Ein formed in mid 2006. Half years ago Dewi (vocals) and Ken J Sukasah (Piano & Sounds Programmer) stumbled upon one another in a Kemang’s bar.

They wrote some pretty acoustic folk songs together before the lightening bolt realization struck that they could, conceivably, be the Vintage Pop-Rock, art-punk, disco-sleaze whatever-you-wanna-call-it band in the city.

They called Ken’s sister college pal Rasyad Rangkuti (Guitars) to bring the thunder and backbone to the party.

Musically minimalistic and visually outrageous, The Ein were at the center of the revival of post-punk and garage rock that made Jakarta a rock & roll hotspot again. The trio (led by pinup girl Dewi) were the next band hotly tipped to break through.

Enjoy, -EIN-