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Dready Zepplin Profile.

Dready Zepplin A.K.A (Daniel Pickett) is my newly named stage name for my latest musical project
I am a South East London Based Sessions Musician with over 20 years experience in playing stringed instruments.
I first started Learning to play the 6 string guitar at the age of 18 after being totally inspired by the legendary
Reggae masters The Wailers (Bob Marleys Band.)

Bass playing is the musical instrument that most people associate myself with playing
But my love for the 6 string guitar has never faded.

My history to date is that I was playing solely with Reggae and Ska acts for all of the late 1980s co-founding
Bands like The Redbeats. And in the summer of 1989 reggae sensations the Ardliners. After Performing in and around London’s top night clubs, European tours and other offers soon came (with acts such as the Ska Band Maroontown.)

I continued to co-found bands with other musicians Over the years But none ever b