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I was born in a little town called Cochran. To Robert and Marie Terry. My daddy passed away when I was 6 yrs of age. My sister Katherine was 4. My mother left me with my aunt, and my sister with my daddys mama, she stayed gone for 7 long years. My granny my was my mamas mama, she was the only light in my dark Childhood. I met my husband Robert Kemp when I was 14 years old. I had been in the yard raking leaves when he drove up and aked me for a date. That was 44 years ago. We have 5 children and many grandchildren. We are also Greatgrandparents to 4 with two more on the way. I started singing and writing Gospel songs in 2003. When I heard Gods Voice telling me to get up and write a song. I got up and wrote a song called For Heavens Sake. I have been writing and singing for god for 4 years now. I sing at different churches and a restraunt in Eastman. I dont really like my voice but other people seem to. I plan to continue writing and singing as long as I have hands to write and breath to