The music society of Nabrocs University inc. co. T.M. declares, "Dopamine is the next big thing to happen to music! A regular cornucopia of riffs and lyrics that can only be described as, Orgasmic!" T

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IN 2001,there formed a band of miscreants known as Dopamine.Originally a five piece band, but after some changes in the line up,they became a three man band with a young dumb leader.

Dopamine jams like no other band of its kind. With original music that will blow your mind. It's heavy metal madness that you'll never forget.It's screeching riffs with an unmistakable sound.

Trevor Johnston: Born in San Diego, California September 11th, 1985. Moved to Wickenburg, Arizona in 1991. Guitarists like Darrell ;Abbott inspire Trevor's self-taught guitar mastery.

Marc Danks: Born inVisalia, California on August 29th, 1986. Came to Wickenburg, Arizona in 1995 with his family. Having parents with musical talent of their own, Marc quickly picked up playing and writing music.

Stephen Mallicoat: Born inPrescott, Arizona onNovember 17th, 1986. He beganplaying music at a very young age. His percussion style is inspiredby todays heavy metal music.