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What does it mean to be part of an energetic, spontaneous, fast paced, Rock Band with a serious name like 'DonkeyPunk'? I had no idea so I asked the members and got this from the boys themselves.

Summer 2007 saw the first phase of the 'DonkeyPunk Explosion' with the release of the infectious summer anthem 'You're Yuck'. A raw, edgy and unorthodox Pop Track, the song was a fitting introduction for DonkeyPunk. Both the recording of the single & corresponding music video were completely self funded by DonkeyPunk themselves. This was true to form for a band that has continued to create their own opportunities in fiercely competitive & over saturated 'music scene'. Combining an original 'Anti-Love' message with killer guitar hooks & melodic vocals, this debut release was fitting for a band that refuses to work any way other than thier own.

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