Big riffs, big hair and tight trousers, that'll be Dollar-Sent.

"Fuck me, it's rare I go to a gig where the first band is worth the entry money alone!! Dollar-sent were fucking A!"

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Dollar-Sent formed in mid '04 in Brighton, England. After many line up changes caused by various mental issues, girlfriends and slack arsed now ex-members, the current line up got their act together and started gigging in December of that year. The first show was at the Concorde 2 in Brighton. Someone put us on between two ska bands, at an all age's show. After scaring the crap out of a bunch of children we developed a strong following and went on to support Zeke in February '05 and followed this up with a string of successful headline and support shows.
We could start blabbing on about our musical pretentions and how we will change your life, but I'm sure you can't be arsed to read it and I can't be arsed to write it. The truth is we have no musical pretentions and we probably won't change your life, but we will make it alot louder.