DnBinPRocEsS is my name, and makin peeps rave is my game.

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Sup Party People!!

Yep you've landed on the arkade page for DnBinPRocEsS, artist name of Josh James a young D'n'B producer from Cornwall, UK. I think you can download a few of my tracks on this site somewhere. They're all about dirty heavy basslines designed for two wa subs combined with whop ting beats and the latest in synth technology to brong an innovative sound to he genre. It sort of comes close to fast paced electronica rather than classic junglist stuff but either wya i hope you like it.

You can ofcourse listen to most of my latest stuff on myspace


And you can start a DnBinPRocEsS radio station on last FM


I hope you enjoy listening. Stay tuned for updates and posts on new tracks and thanks to all my fans for their support an time.

Keep ravin'!!