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Distroted Power Noize For Those Who Like It Hard.

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Ðistored Power Noize

Ðirty K formed in 2006 in the U.K after a year of planning and some production. Progress was slow but we finally got there. After much thought and preparation we decided that it was time to go public!

Many of our tracks could be labelled as PowerNoize/ Harsh Industrial, but we don't want to be nailed under one genre. Thus we suppose we are experimental in a sense.

The first track we made is called "Attention v1", influenced by the likes of Manufactura, Converter, Combichrist etc etc..took a while to get the sound we wanted right but the drums speak for themselves.

We have been working on our debut album, although our new ep is now complete and it is now available if you would like one get in touch with us and we will get one to you. we should have our other projects up and running in a couple of months, we have a lot on the sidelines at the moment and are busy with design projects and various other projects.