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What you'll find here is a mixture of stuff. Tracks from Tricks Upon Travellers , some solo work and some rare original TUT when we weren't political and wrote pop songs.

I hope you enjoy them :)

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This is the artist homepage for me Dick Langford and TUT2. The original Tricks Upon Travellers formed in the early 1990s playing a hybrid of folk/rock/punk. The band performed a high energy mixture of left wing, socially aware songs mixed with traditional folk instrumentals.

We received much critical acclaim for for the 3 CDs we released but never translated that to financial reward despite a Glastonbury appearnace and other festival dates.

When the band went their separate ways in 2001 TUT became TUT2 and I wrote some new songs and adapted some old ones to fit with a more laid back delivery. The 4th CD "From Another Plaice" was released in 2003 and once again received positive reviews but we were unable to capitalise on it due to the arrival of several babies which rather restricted our gigging availability.

Since then I have continued writing and recording.

Tracks from all our albums are available here. I hope you enjoy them.