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My name is Diana. My life revolves around music. Whether it is playing it, or listening to it. Basically, I need it. Music keeps me sane. I have been around and involved with it for the most part of my life and all I have to say is I love it. To be able to pick up my guitar and start playing is magical. The feeling I get when I'm playing is riveting. Writing my lyrics is inspiring. And listening to it all in the end is accomplishing. I don't quite know what I do. I don't sing persay, but I don't really just talk either. I just do what feels right. I pick up my guitar and close my eyes and let my hands figure out what to do, let them decide what it will sound like. My music means a lot to me. Its a collection of experiences, some good some bad. All I ask is for you to listen. I would love to hear what you think. Thanks a lot.