Now in 2006 Detox is planning to record a full length album and continue to do lots of shows.

Please take a look on Youtube for a live video:

We woul

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Detox is a Dutch band formed in the beginning of 2004 from 2 members of Severe Existence (r.i.p.). After Severe Existence quit Walter & Dennis wanted to start a new band with more hardcore influences. After the basic ideas were set it was time to look for a guitar player which was found in Arjan Groenendijk (The circle, Knight Area, Surface Tension).

Inspired from bands like Nasum, Brightside, First Blood, Ark Angel and Pantera, Detox started to mix hardcore with grindcore, death metal and some groovy touches to make their own style of aggressive, brutal and explosive music.
After 7 shows in the first 10 months, Detox recorded a 3 track demo which was well received in the underground and gave us a couple of extra shows.

In May 2005 Detox decided to look for a bass player and we asked Jan Boom to join the band. Now with a complete line-up Detox created a new and more heavier sound and re-recorded the demo with Jan Boom.