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Well now, what do we have here? Melodic vocal? Powerful lungs? But also raw screams and growls? But hey, there's contrasting female vox too. And isn't that a brutal guitar sound combined with thudding bass and rock steady drums? Hell of a combination and that's exactly what you get when you decide to listen to Desired Response Theory. Their current full length CD release contains all of the above and more. With an energy that combines old school sounds with contemporary metallic overtones, Domestic Bliss is a bulldozer to the soul. Both caressing and bludgeoning at the same time, the nine songs that comprise this heart stopping audio journey through a landscape of burning bodies and blooming flowers range from the welcoming handshake to the stab in the back. Highlights include such tracks as "Preach" and "Rebirth" with their soulful and searing vocal intros and "Wrong" with it's simple yet precise riffing, but all of the tracks on this compelling album will appeal to listeners of varyi