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A native of Ballyfermot, Dublin and been involved in traditional music since I was 5. I inherited the music from my grandmother’s people, the Dunne Family, being involved in music for six generations. The most well known member of the Dunnes is Pecker and other members include the blind Dunne brothers and the well know piper Mickey Dunne. I started playing piano accordion at the age of five. I stopped played the accordion when I was about 10; the blinkin thing was bigger than me!!! My family are friends with the Keenan family, Paddy Keenan the piper. Here I was introduced to tin whistle by paddy’s brother Thomas & farther Johnny. At 16 I developed an interest in highland pipebands and joined St. Joseph's in Clondalkin, Dublin for 3 years. Johnny Keenan (senior) got me to take up Uilleann pipes. I joined the pipers club in Henrietta at the age of 19. I have taking interest in lowland piping.I have been playing Uilleann, lowland pipes and whistle since then.