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David Ruddle's music combines beautiful, enchanting melodies with heart-wrenching words to create a rich, unique, yet commercial sound. He simply makes music that makes people smile!

Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales “Its great...my spirits have been elevated!”

BBC Shropshire, “Soak up David Ruddle's laid-back celebration of life,
practically guaranteed to leave you with a tan!”

“Brilliant...I have a tear in my eye” Tudno FM, Llandudno

'Don't Stop Believing' chosen independently by famous American Magazine, Cashbox, as number 1 in their independent music charts for more than 8 weeks.

“Awesome voice...one of those rare, unique voices. A great tune”.
2009, Garageband

Artist's Hot Blog

Title:  More BBC Radio Plays!
Created: Saturday 14 November 19:52
Last Updated: Saturday 14 November 19:52
Category:  General
Summary:More of my songs have been played on BBC Radio - listen again on BBC iplayer!

Title:  New songs
Created: Friday 06 November 22:12
Last Updated: Friday 06 November 22:12
Category:  General
Summary:After BBC radio plays, songs now available for sale!

Happy listening

Title:  New Album 'Under the Pear Tree' out now!!
Created: Wednesday 09 April 19:39
Last Updated: Wednesday 09 April 19:39
Category:  General
Summary:I dare you to take a listen to some of the songs on my new album 'Under the Pear Tree'.

Title:  New songs - come and have a listen!!
Created: Wednesday 20 February 20:20
Last Updated: Wednesday 20 February 20:21
Category:  General
Summary:New songs have been uploaded professionally recorded!

Title:  Top of the Acoustic charts!
Created: Monday 10 September 19:20
Last Updated: Monday 10 September 19:20
Category:  General
Summary:The Under the Pear Tree EP is top of the acoustic charts. Thanks to all who have bought it!

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