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Looking for the unusual? Then you came to the right place. Looking for original compositions? Everything here is original and unique. Looking for variety? It's here. Searching for Soundtrack music? You've found it. I have been a musician for forty years. My musical influences are too numerous to list. I am an avant garde composer doing music 'outside the box'. If you are tired of the same Creed clone bands, boring and repetitive, unmelodic House and Techno music that all have that tone of sameness about them, then listen to some of the music here. Will you find it different? Absolutely. Will you find it unique? Most assuredly. Will you find it boring? Not likely. Open your ears and open you mind to a plethora of soundscapes and unusual compositions. Take a journey into regions previously untapped and undiscovered musically.
Having said all that, have a safe and pleasurable journey through the mind of a musician who's not afraid to push the musical envelope - who's not afraid to do