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The Dave Keat Project is Dave Keat (guitar and vocals) and Beat Neurohr (flute).

DKP's music is hand made: the melding of wood and steel and two musical imaginations.

DKP's sound takes its cues from folk, jazz, blues and rock, whereby these elements are seen to meld into something new. It is a unique sound where the marriage of guitar and flute creates music that is truly out of the ordinary. A quality not readily defined. It is this "something special", coupled with superb musicianship that makes DKP exceptional.

The DKP repertoire consists of original material written by Dave as well as the classic tunes of artists like Eric Clapton, George Harrison, John Martyn, Cat Stevens, Steven Stills and James Taylor (see repertoire). DKP's music has a universal appeal and their concerts are events that reach out to the audience encouraging participation and above all communication.