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Towards the end of 2006 Kid Crystal (Bitch Queens) and Hede (Zamarro)
had the idea of pooling their strengths and go on a musical adventure
together but without a bass, we all know, any journey’s only half as
fun. So after a legnthy search they where surprised that Sebastian
(Fucking Beautiful) was up for it, despite having like the others
plenty on his plate already, he was ready for some bottom end action
(Har Har). At the very first session this constellation gelled and they
new they had something special on their hands, but still it wasn’t
perfect as a distinctive voice was missing.
And that turned out to be a hard nut to crack. But after another
lengthy search they were again surprised to find Giusy (Phebus) as
their man. Not only was he a wonderful energetic singer with a fireball
creative spark but also a hard working teamplayer who fit into the
dogs’s eclectic mix, of anything goes, like a glove.
The songs that almost wrote themselves were rehearsed and arranged