18, also known as 'WIZ', was born in High Wycombe (Oct 28 1989), now living in london were crime levels dominate the streets.

WIZ turned to music from a young age, listening to the likes of many artists and friends who influenced his decision to take up Producer/Rapper/MC. As a young kid, he left school and came to a point where all hope seemed faint.

At the age of 16, WIZ started to Produce/Make Tracks with his younger brother, couzin & mates. He began making beats/tracks and Remixs, slowly earning the respect of a artist and now an upcoming producer.

By the age of 17, WIZ started working on debut Albums "West Warz," and "The MIX" now showing on most music sites blowing up in UK, Europe and parts of Asia.

WIZ is currently working on the 'WSI Project' album and 'THE MIX PART 2', which will include the freshest sounds from all genres of music.