Crescent Shoreline are a five-piece indie-rock'n'roll outfit from the south-west of england.

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Crescent Shoreline are a five piece band currently residing in Frome, near Bath. Formed in 2004 by Tim, Noah and Jasper, the band spent two years developing their sound in an isolated area of Somerset before their first gig in 2006. Past gigs include playing at a sold out venue in Camden, London and headining an eleven day festival.

Aquiring frontman Adam and bassist Sam in recent years, their set-up is quite unusual in that it includes three guitarists, which allows the band to use a variety of textures and dynamics in their songs. Unusual time signatures, complex rhythms and unique instrumental stylings make Crescent Shoreline an exhilarating band to watch live. The addition of a synthesiser has allowed the band to become more experimental, and using two songwriters mean that each Crescent Shoreline song has its own distinct flavour.

Since recording their first EP last year, Crescent Shoreline have been gigging regularly all over England and are hoping to perform in several fes